For Municipalities

We have compiled and developed a variety of resources for municipalities, community groups, non-profits and developers. The resources are designed to assist with stormwater education and messaging in your community. We encourage you to review the documents and to download any materials of interest. 

Municipalities in Massachusetts who operate storm sewer discharges within the boundaries of urbanized areas must obtain a NPDES Stormwater Phase II General Permit for MS4s. Urban areas are designated by the U.S. Census Bureau and EPA. View a map of Massachusetts’ designated urban areas.

Stormwater Messaging

One of the requirements of the MS4 Permit is public education. We have worked with municipalities and groups in the Greater Lowell area to create a stormwater messaging campaign, which includes a variety of stormwater messages and visuals that can be tailored to fit any geographic area. Stormwater education posters are available in English, Spanish and Khmer.                                                                                                           

 English, Spanish, Khmer                English, Spanish, Khmer                English, Spanish, Khmer 


  English, Spanish, Khmer             English, Spanish, Khmer                 English, Spanish, Khmer   


We have also created a variety of PowerPoint presentations, shown below,  which can be modified and used in your community.

Municipal Education

In addition to educating the public, municipalities can improve their stormwater efforts by educating Boards and Commissions. For example, you can educate your Conservation Commission about how stormwater relates to wetland permitting, and you can educate Planning Boards, Zoning Boards or Bylaw Committees about model Bylaws that can reduce the amount of impervious pavement in your community. Click the links below to access PowerPoint presentations designed for Conservation Commissions, as well as links to relevant bylaws.

Community Groups and Nonprofits

Do you want to conduct stormwater education and outreach in your community? Do you want to create your own stormwater messaging campaign, or add to an existing one?

We have developed a Stormwater Messaging How-to-Manual and Train-the-Trainer Guide, which describes how to conduct a meaningful, effective stormwater messaging campaign and educates individuals on how to conduct stormwater education at the community level. To download our How-to-Manual and Train-the-Trainer Guide click the link below.

 Developing an Effective Stormwater Education and Outreach Program for Your Community